About Us


About Us

GW Aviation offers customized management services, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our management services are comprehensive, and can include everything from providing skilled crew to overseeing aircraft maintenance to scheduling to dispatching to catering, and anything else that may be needed to ensure your aircraft is ready to go when you need it.

Our Story

Carl Griffiths and Bob Wolak shared a love of aviation. Between them, they have nearly eighty years spent in aviation. They met while serving as charter captains and went on to form GW Aviation in 2005.

Who We Are

Carl Griffiths

Founder & CEO

Carl Griffiths has been active in aviation for nearly 40 years. His experience includes serving as a commercial pilot for a U.S. airline, chief pilot for both charter and corporate companies, and aircraft manager for multiple corporate aircraft. Carl has logged thousands of hours in the air in aircraft of all types and sizes. His knowledge of aircraft and aviation is unparalleled. Aviation is and has always been his passion, his livelihood, his career. Carl is a member of NBAA, IBAC, and AOPA.

Bob Petersen


Robert Wolak

Co-Founder & Consulting Captain